Get Psychic!

The sixth sense is real-and you have it! Use the cool tests, quizzes, and games in this guide to discover your psychic powers...and develop them. You can find out what will happen at Friday's party, learn what the hottie in the gym is really thinking, talk to your angels and spirit guides, and even help yourself ace exams. A psychic dictionary explains the hidden meanings of everything around you, and much more. Also included are step-by-step instructions on how to give psychic readings that will blow your friends away. It's time for you to GET PSYCHIC!

What Readers Are Saying About Get Psychic!

This book has been greeted with a great deal of interest and, ultimately, approval by each girl for whom it has been a gift.


Too often these types of books take themselves so seriously. It's obvious the author knows what she's talking about, and she puts it across in an interesting way. This is a fun book to share with a friend as a lot of the activities work well with 2 or more. I highly recommend it!